PPE Inventory Tracker

Use your CWID to log in.


* Your CWID is the first part of your hospital email address. For example, the CWID for a user with the email address jan4321@nyp.org is jan4321. You also use your CWID for hospital systems, such as Eclipsys, Eagle and Lawson.

** Your password is your network password. You may experience an error if you have a password that you use for other hospital systems, such as Corporate Time. If you experience an error with the log-in, try using that other password to log-in to the Learning Center. You can synchronize all your hospital passwords at https://pod.nyp.org . (Credentialed personnel can look up their CWID at https://pod.nyp.org.)

For CWID/Password or any other questions you can contact the Help Desk at 4HELP, 6HELP, or servicedesk@nyp.org.